“Writing for the NFL” Summary

In “Writing for the NFL” the main is you can write to get into the NFL. If you can’t write, you can’t pass your classes. If you can’t pass your classes you can’t get on the football team. Then you can’t get a football scholarship to college and you can’t play in the NFL if you can’t play in college. That is what “Writing for the NFL” is about.


“The Values of Writing Well” Summary

In “The Value of Writing Well” the main idea is you need writing in every thing you do in the future. If you can’t write, you can’t pass your classes and you won’t earn credits to graduate. If you can write well you you can even get a scholarship for college. Writing is useful even if you are not going to be an author you can write a resume for a job. That is what “ The Value of Writing Well” is about.

After School

I have many plans after high school. Some include graduating high school, some don’t.I want to graduate high school so I can get in the navy. I plan to stay in the navy for twenty years. That way they pay for me to live. Plus DD services and a job I’ll be making bank. My plan B is to live in between Fossil and John Day Oregon. I will live off the land in a house made of the land. Those are my two main plans for my life after high school.


It is January 13th 2009, I was turning 11. My best friend Joey was coming over for a sleepover. I was excited to have my first sleepover. I heard the doorbell ring. Time froze, I saw the shadow of my best friend just outside the door. I could see the smile on his shadow. My house smelled like a freshly cleaned house that my mom cleaned. I could feel the tension in the air, it felt like an anvil. I hoped nothing went wrong and he had to go home. Wish me luck.


I show the top of the iceberg because it is the best part of me. I do not show the bottom because it is so dark and horrible. I don’t show the bottom to anybody. My iceberg has always been that big and dark. Yet it is changing as I type this paragraph. I am doing trauma therapy with a therapist. This is why I am at the inn home. I do not like the bottom part of my iceberg.

Mike’s School Autobiography

By Mike

This is a short autobiography of my school years from elementary to middle to high school at this point. This is how school has been for me to this point in this paper.

In elementary school I had a hard time with schoolwork. I had my mom trying to get me an IEP. I was picked on regularly for everything I did. I felt and looked helpless. In fifth grade, I was left inside almost every day of the school year because I could not do my work. In sixth grade, I went to outdoor school. Two weeks later I got my IEP after hard work by my mom.

In middle school, I went to a private school in Portland, Oregon. I was made fun of there for two years. I transfered my IEP there to get help. I still got minimal help in my classes. My parents and grandparents paid for me to go to the private school. It was a thirty minute drive each way. So I had to wake up early in the morning.

In high school I am a sophomore. I have been to two different schools. One was in Oregon City. The other is in Milwaukie Oregon. As I type this I am pending on a meeting to see if I stay or not. The suspense is killing me. I hope I get to stay.

That is 1st -10th of me in a nutshell. I explained elementary school, middle, and high school at this point. This is how school has been for me.


Our breath smelled
like freshly eaten bacon.
I was on the living room floor
with my family,
stuffed full of food.
It was silent
for a second.
I got to open the first present.
With my senses
I knew that my family was excited.
I could hear the joy.
With the smell of bacon in mind,
I opened the first present.